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  • SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022

  • 9:00 PM  10:00 PM

BRANDIN'IRON, San Bernardino

  • SAT, MAY 21, 2022

  • 9:00 PM 


Renegade Country

 El Cajon,CA

 Saturday, June 4th 


Monte De Oro Winery 

Temecula, Ca

Friday, June 10, 2022


Private Party


Saturday, June 11 

4:30-7:30 pm


  • SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2022

  • 9:00 PM  10:00 PM

 VFW Canyon Country

July 7, 2022  6-10pm

Renegade Country

 El Cajon,CA

 Saturday, July 23rd 


VFW Canyon Country

August 20, 2022  6-10pm

Renegade Country

 El Cajon,CA

 Saturday, August 27, 2022 


Latest Release

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Just Last Night​​

Recorded At Beautywood Studios.

Produced by Jeff Berkley

Written by Micah Justice

Please see Upcoming Shows to see where can catch Micah playing next.


For your Listening Pleasure

How Do I? - Micah Justice
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Secret Heartache - Micah Justice
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Once In A While - Micah Justice
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I began writing songs at the ripe age of five.  My mother had gotten me a Fisher-Price tae recorder and I remember spending hours in my room making up lyrics, recording, and then listening back.  When I was little my grandmother watched me often and she had a piano in her home.  I entertained myself, teaching myself how to read simple music and falling in love with the energy that came from instruments. 

In grade school, I sang in the church's children choir.  It was where I got my first solo.  In elementary school, I decided to play the cello because no one else had chosen it.  I played cello throughout middle school and high school.  In my junior year in high school, I finally got the nerve to audition for our Chamber Singers (Honor Choir) and made it.    I also did a lot of regional theater at the time and ended up going to UC Santa Barbara where I earned my BA in Dramatic Art with an emphasis in Dramatic Literature.  It was in Santa Barbara that I came across a girl names Tai Albert (now Tai Carmen) whose performance changed the trajectory of my life.  Her music was raw and I had never heard anyone perform the way she did.  I asked her how she was so brave and she told me, "I write my own songs...no one can tell me I'm singing them wrong".  Honestly this one conversation gave me the perspective that my music was mine.  Any note I sang, I created and my songwriting journey began. I began writing and participating in the open mike world.  What a gift that was to see other people's work, watch them grow and develop lifelong friendships. 

Right out of college I was fortunate to tour with Jenni Alpert.  She took me to Seattle and back.  

As a young independent adult, I was scared to make music my career so I went to school to be a teacher. I ended up getting my Masters Degree in Special Education and have taught since 2005.  Teaching also allowed me the money and health insurance to provide my daughter with the resources she needed to be secure and healthy.  I never stopped writing and performing though.  In 2006 I joined a band called Zen Gospel (aka The Micah Justice Band) and learned what an amazing band should feel like.  We were nominated by the IE Weekly for Best Blues Band and Best Country Band.  We didn't win, but it was an honor just the same. As many bands do, we broke up.  I decided to focus on original music and landed the opportunity to record with Kelly Cairns.  Soon after I was offered a contract with M&M Records.  Nothing much came from it.  A few years later I found myself in The Traveling Stand Still.  It was an all-original band and we performed all throughout Southern California, including television programs like IE Musicology.  In 2017 I answered a Craigslist ad for a country band.  My husband had always encouraged me to do covers, but fear kept me from doing so.  In this new band, Sweet Mischief, I took on covers.  Soon after joining the band we won California and the Southwest for The Great American Showdown.  We were featured on radio stations in New Mexico.  Since then we have performed through the South West including the Toyota Arena in Ontario.  While in the band, I continue to write original music.  Through friends, I was introduced to Jeff Berkely of Berkley Hart.  He agreed to produce an EP which should be released by the end of 2020.    Please stay tuned...

I write songs about life.  Music has helped me process emotions, events, and has allowed me to express my love for others.  My words are my own.  My melodies are my own. 

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For more videos please visit my Youtube channel .  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCboNCBtwp3fp7zruBnpsr8w

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Micah Justice 


Micah Justice is a singer songwriter who, with an ever changing musical sound backing her beautiful lyrics and concepts, brings a powerful and moving performance. Her alternative country style has been compared to Neko Case, with vocal influences ranging from Big Mama Thorton, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Billie Holiday, and Natalie Merchant, to Alison Kraus and Norah Jones. Micah is endoresed by Behringer and TC-Helicon.  She was also signed to MandM Productions.  Micah and her band Sweet Mischief were also Semi Finalist in the 36th Annual Country Showdown and won 1st place in 2017's Valley Battle of the Bands. 




Inland Empire, California, USA



Country, Blues, Indie, Folk Alternative


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The Micah Justice Band

Sweet Mischief

The Traveling Stand Still, Passing Notes




Press Releases

Micah Justice Band 2013
Micah Justice Band 2013

Trevor Monks, Matt Wycoff, Alicia Villareal, and Gino Matteo

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Micah Justice Band 2006
Micah Justice Band 2006

Drew Sarrabia, Clayton Powell Jr., Kelly Cloud

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552016 006_edited_edited

Recording with Maria Baglian, Cesar Simo, and

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Musicology W Traveling Stand Still
Musicology W Traveling Stand Still

Nick Thomas, Keith Coleman, and Michael Greaney for December 2015 Musicology Video

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Eric Petrzilek


Micah Justice  micahleejustice@gmail.com

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