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Radio Interviews.

Micah Justice singing "Heard" recorded by Thomas Lee with 

Sweet Mischief Interview with KCKB - Sweet Mischief
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Radio Play: My Awesome Empire with Lacy Kendall - My Awesome Empire
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Micah Justice singing "Once Again" recorded by Thomas Lee with

"Saving Grace" with Pappi and Harriet's House Band (2014)

Female Acoustic Showcase

Sweet Mischief:Micah Justice (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Deanne Knipschild (vocals, precussion), Eric Pretrzelik (drums, vocals), Bill Preci (guitar, vocals), and DJ Johnstone (bass, vocals)

Micah Justice with Matt Wycoff, Alicia Koch, and Alex Tasch for AudioFiles With Vanessa Franco Riverside Press Enterprise.

"Irish Savvy" written by Micah Justice and performed by The Traveling StandStill(2015).

Michael Greaney(Drums) Keith Coleman (Bass), Nicholas Thomas(Guitar)

Micah Justice Band: Dave Vermillion, Micah, and Cesar Simo

"Breakfast with Buddha" with Cesar Simo for G-Rock's Radio Hour (2016)

Micah Justice Band 2007 Alicia Koch Villareal (guitar, keys), Matt Wycoff (bass), Trevor Monks(Drums), Gino Matteo (guitar)

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Friends & Special Thanks for

Love, Support, Collaboration & Opportunities

Packinghouse Brewery, Lacey Kendall, Cathryn Beeks, Abry Family, Ward Family, Denholtz Family, Karim Sahedi, Johnny Strum, Suzanne Harper, Thea Tochihara, Jeff Berkley, Patrick Maloney, Chase Walker,  Sal & Isela Salgado, Gino Matteo, Chris Thayer, Paul Hernandez, Maria Baglian, Paulie Cerra, Bill Preci, Deanne Knipschild, Eric Pretezelik, DJ Johnston, Cesar Simo, Keith Coleman, Michael Greaney, Aaron Tripp Barrier, Eddie Carrasco, Chalo Ortiz, Matt Wycoff, Trevor Monks, Dave Vermillion, Laura Vermillion, Jon-Erik Olsen, Chad Patrick, Alicia Koch, Raynal Riser, Clayton Powell III, Nathan Rivera, Sean Longstreet, Andrea Smith, Matt Coleman, Samantha Sudak, Nicholas Thomas, Cesar Simo, Hebie Castro, Dave Warner, Shaka Abdu, Big Ced, Darcie Rickert, Greg Tinsley (RIP), Indian Head Entertainment (RIP), Worthington's Tavern (Shelby Worthington), Sarah Miller, The Flood, Jenni AlpertMarcus Howell, Matt Coleman, Swampmeet Louie, Thomas Lee, James Avergis, Denise Barnard, Paper Crowns, Aaron Lee &The Love Vigilantes, Whiskey Dick Rebellion, Union Drifters, Coleslaw, Hobo Jazz, Stephanie Diane Moore, Zachary Beckwith, Alex Tasch, Ed Lyle, 


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