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Regional Organization of the Creative Kind (R.O.C.K.)

Are you an artist?  A performer? A writer?  A sculptor? A dancer? A photographer? A painter?  A creator?  Do you just love to support artists?  Join the Regional Organization of the Creative Kind and get involved.  Join us for special events where artists have the opportunity to share their talents and their friendships. 

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Our Mission Statement:

  • We will support and promote local artists of all kinds in order to help establish a creatively rich environment that is in tune with the specific needs of our community.

  • We will build partnerships between local business owners, community event coordinators, and burgeoning creative minds to offer opportunities for our community to celebrate local art and benefit from the educational and spiritual rewards it has to offer.

  • We will provide opportunities for networking, recognition, and exposure in order to promote growth and positive change in Riverside and the Inland Empire.

  • We will plan and sponsor creative events that not only showcase local art, music, and performance, but offer a venue for new talent to explore their creativity and share their work publicly.

  • We will aid creative minds of all kinds in building ties to other like-minded people in order to establish a community of artists that support one another.

  • We will strive to find good, create good, and be good artists and human beings.


Please support local art.


Regional Organization of the Creative Kind.

Micah Justice 

Executive Director  

Micah is a local artist and educator. She lives in Riverside with her husband and daughter.   She has been in the local music scene and helped promote local visual artists since college graduation.  She is a Riverside native and has been involved in community service through out her life has many aspects to connect her to both the artistic community and the business world.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Santa Barbara and Masters of Arts from the California State University ,San Bernardino .  She has been in the professional world of art (specifically in the music and theater industries) for the last fifteen years both regionally and locally.  She is an award winning performer and writer.  She has also over ten years of event planning experience.  With R.O.C.K. she hopes to marry her two passions of art (both visual, and performance) and helping others.  Micah has been a special educator for over ten years in Moreno Valley.  She has preformed professionally as a dancer, actress, and musician.  Her recent focus has been on music.  Her website is





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